“Don’t just book a party, book a memory!”

Remembrance Events, since 2016, is an entertainment company that will bring excitement to any party you’re planning! Our DJ’s & Coordinators are held to high standards while still bringing a fun, relaxed environment to your event.



Our company caters to all events such as; Weddings, Quinceañera/Sweet 16’s, Communions, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and Corporate Functions. No matter your event, we will cater to your music preferences and event desires! We can also offer lighting and more.


A Professional is key

Even though a professional was once an amateur in the past, they have grown since then by taking the necessary steps, time, and effort to master their craft. A professional is a professional, simple as that. He or she will know that in order to run a successful event, they need to pay attention to fine detail and the quality of their service. 

Keeping the party going

We will keep the party going all night long! We assure you, nothing kills the vibe of an event more than those seconds of silence in between songs. A professional DJ knows how to mix each song right into the next when it comes to the feel of it such as; rhythm, genre, and tempo.  A professional coordinator makes sure that the timeline runs according to plan to ensure efficiency in all vendors. 

Dependability is Key

Remember, when booking an event, it is all about you! In hiring us, we will make sure that every need and request you provide will be catered to right up to the big day. We assure you, in hiring one of our professional DJ’s or Coordinators they will arrive to entertain you and your guests! There will be no worry in being left “high and dry” with our company.


Don’t just book a party, book a memory!

When you book with us, you’re not just booking an event, but you are investing in your memories for years to come and our business. Every DJ and Coordinator has a reputation to uphold to Remembrance Events, which they will always continue to strive for perfection. Yes, accidents/mistakes may happen but, each one of our DJ’s and Coordinators are trained in problem-solving and how to make sure your night goes off without a hitch!